Are you eager to set up your own dedicated server for Hypersomnia? In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through the process of installing and configuring Hypersomnia Server on Ubuntu, ensuring you have everything you need to create your own gaming haven.

Update Repository and Install Dependencies

Before diving into the installation process, let’s make sure our system is up to date and equipped with the necessary libraries. Execute the following commands in your terminal:

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt install -y curl nano fuse

Add a New Linux User

Next, we’ll create a dedicated user for running the Hypersomnia Server. Enter the following command to add a new user named ‘hypersomnia’:

sudo adduser hypersomnia

Download Hypersomnia Headless AppImage

Move to the directory of the newly created user and download the Hypersomnia Headless Server using the following command:

cd /home/hypersomnia
curl -o Hypersomnia-Headless.AppImage

Grant Permissions and Change Ownership

Ensure the server files have the necessary permissions and are owned by the ‘hypersomnia’ user with the following commands:

sudo chmod +x hypersomnia.AppImage
sudo chown -R hypersomnia:hypersomnia /home/hypersomnia

Create a Service Unit File

Now, let’s create a service unit file for Hypersomnia Server using nano text editor. For example:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/hypersomnia.service

Paste the following contents into the file:

Description=Hypersomnia Dedicated Server

ExecStart=/home/hypersomnia/Hypersomnia-Headless.AppImage --daily-autoupdate --as-service


Reload systemd and Enable Service

Reload systemd to apply the changes and enable the hypersomnia service to start on boot:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable hypersomnia

Start the Service

Finally, start the hypersomnia service using the following command:

sudo systemctl start hypersomnia

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed and configured Hypersomnia Server on your Ubuntu system. Now, gather your friends, dive into the virtual world, and let the gaming adventures begin!